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WordPress Development in Kansas City

WordPress Development Overview

Websites are the digital face of your company. They must enhance your credibility with visuals and features while fulfilling measurable objectives. Most of my projects are developed using the WordPress content management system to quickly strike that balance of performance and spectacle in relation to your brand. WordPress sites on their own are outstandingly SEO-friendly and can be further improved with proper plugins and execution.

The WordPress Development Process

01. Design Review

The development process starts by reviewing the templates we created in the website design phase or templates that you already had designed by a third party. We will go through each section of the design, discussing which areas need to be editable and which can be static. This will help create a coding roadmap and allow me to build a custom WordPress theme tailored to you and your business.

02. WordPress Theme Development

From there, I'll jump into coding the website. As mentioned in the previous step, I start all my websites with a blank WordPress theme. Starting from scratch allows me to create your theme with clean code and only use plugins that are necessary. In the end, you'll get a website that is faster (which Google loves) and easier to update.

03. Testing

Once coding is complete, I'll send you and your team a link to the development website. This is your chance to go through the website and make note of any changes. Don't forget to check the website on both desktop and mobile!

04. Training

After all the bugs have been fixed, we will schedule a website training session. I'll walk you and your team through each page of the website and show you how to make any necessary updates inside WordPress. I like to do the training before the launch so you have time to get familiar with the WordPress admin and practice making changes.

05. Launch

Once all the previous steps have been checked off, it's time to launch the website! We will take the website files, move them over to a hosting platform that you own, and re-point your domain. I'll be sure to add any redirects from your old website and install Google Analytics so you can track the performance of your new website.

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