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Garrett Digital

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The Client

Based out of Austin, TX, Garrett Digital helps organizations grow traffic, leads, and revenue through strategic SEO, search engine marketing, and web analytics consulting.

Garrett Digital

The Work

In collaboration with Garrett Digital, I undertook the exciting task of developing a new website to showcase the exceptional services they offer.

Our project aimed to create a website that not only reflected Garrett Digital's expertise but also provided a seamless user experience. The website needed to effectively convey their core services while maintaining a professional and engaging online presence.

Our journey began with the creation of detailed wireframes. These wireframes served as the blueprint for the website's layout and functionality. They allowed us to visualize the structure of the site and ensure it effectively communicated Garrett Digital's services. Moreover, they enabled us to identify any content gaps that needed to be filled.

Once the wireframes received the green light, we proceeded to conduct user testing with our target audience. This step was crucial in fine-tuning the user experience and ensuring that the website met the needs and expectations of its visitors.

With user feedback incorporated and the wireframes serving as our guide, we delved into the design phase. Leveraging Garrett Digital's brand identity, we crafted a visually appealing and user-friendly interface. We adhered to a color palette that conveyed professionalism and trust, with strategic use of vibrant colors to draw attention to key calls-to-action. Our choice of imagery and graphics complemented Garrett Digital's industry expertise and commitment to results.

The final leg of our journey was the development phase. After careful evaluation, we determined that WordPress was the ideal content management system for this project. WordPress's flexibility, SEO-friendly architecture, and ease of content management aligned perfectly with Garrett Digital's objectives. We seamlessly translated the design assets into a fully functional website, leveraging a blend of custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

The end result is a website that not only showcases Garrett Digital's excellence but also serves as a valuable resource for organizations seeking to enhance their online presence and drive growth through strategic digital marketing.

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