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Firefly Therapy

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The Client

Located in the heart of Texas, Firefly Therapy Austin offers a variety of therapy options to help clients make positive, lasting changes in their life.

Firefly Therapy

The Work

Working alongside Garrett Digital, I was tasked with creating a new website for Firefly Therapy Austin, using their newly designed brand. The website needed to make it easy for users to find a therapist while maintaining a warm and approachable feel.

The website development process began with wireframes. Designing the wireframes allowed the client to visualize the basic structure of the website and identify any missing content. Once approved by the client, I used the wireframes to conduct basic user testing with the target audience.

After making necessary tweaks to the wireframes, it was time for the design phase. I imported the wireframes into Sketch and started incorporating Firefly's brand elements. I ensured that the website's primary color palette remained warm while reserving the brighter colors for call-to-action elements. A variety of stock photos were carefully selected to complement the brand and establish the desired tone for the website.

The final step in the website development process was actual development. After evaluating the project's requirements, we determined that WordPress was the most suitable content management system. WordPress offers flexibility, SEO-friendliness, and ease of editing. I then exported the design assets from Sketch and commenced coding the website, using a combination of custom HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Beaver Builder.

Designed and developed for Garrett Digital, February 2022.

Firefly Therapy - Therapy Website Redesign - Homepage
Firefly Therapy - Therapy Website Redesign - Wireframe
Firefly Therapy - Therapy Website Redesign - Wildcards
Firefly Therapy - Therapy Website Redesign - Pages

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